We have the approval for the work day at City Park on Saturday 9/19/2015.

If you have time and want to help – we will meet in the parking lot at 9:00 AM. We will divide up into work groups and assign tasks to people. Depending on how many people turn out, we may spread out all over the trail. By about 9:15 I don’t expect to have anyone in the parking lot so I will leave a sign as to how to reach me on the trail. The work will be to move rocks off the trail, fill holes, trim face slappers/eye pokers and pick up litter. No power tools are allowed. I will have shovels, buckets and such.

Bring gloves, water and dress for the warm weather predicted. I will bring refreshments.

Please post up or PM me if you can make it so I bring an appropriate amount of refreshments.

This work does include Pay Dirt if you need it and are not racing Waco. There will be another work day or two that doesn’t fall on a race day.