new single-speed duder in Austin

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Hi Austin! I am moving from Atlanta to Austin in a few days. I have a temporary living space on the north side and I will be looking for a job (probably at a bicycle shop) and looking for a home near work after that. I can't wait to ride some Austin trails! I lived in San Antonio for a few years so I am used to the climate and terrain. I ride a single-speed 29er with a rigid fork (or a suspension fork, depending on my mood) and I am acclamated to long climbs in the Atlanta Appalachian foothills. I get the impression that Austin trails are going to be quite a bit rockier than the smoother stuff I have been riding here.

My bike usually does not limit me from rough terrain or drops, but I kn ow the gnar limit of my bike and my riding. Where should I start enjoying Austin trails? Any other group rides than the ones on the calendar that I should check out? see y'all in the dirt.