Where do trails come from?

Successful trail systems are generally the result of long years of planning, meetings and compromise. Long before most people learn of plans for a trail, countless hours involving collaboration between land managers, volunteer groups, and other local stakeholders, such as businesses, private landowners, environmental organizations and community leaders, have occurred. Our organizational approach to advocacy is based on building partnerships and maintaining strong working relationships in order to advance the appropriate use of public and private lands for our community.

The most successful partnerships include mutual agreements between stakeholders to build and maintain sustainable trail systems, improve management, or sometimes to simply resolve conflicts that may arise between various types of trail users and surrounding neighborhoods. Good partnerships are more than the sum of their parts. They allow diverse groups to come together and create results that simply wouldn't exist without cooperation.

As ARR Member and Slaughter Trail Steward Britt Jones likes to say, "Trail work, the reward is in the riding". Riding is what we do and for us, riding is transformative, invigorating and just plain fun. And as we all know, outdoor activities, on land or water, are at the heart of Austin. As an organization, we ask our members and all trail users to support trail development and advocacy efforts and regularly participate in trail work day events.

Build. Respect. Ride. These are words that ARR believes and we strive to demonstrate this belief by giving back though trail maintenance and advocacy efforts and we are proud to be associated with the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) and their efforts towards greater trail access.

We do this for our love of riding and because we want to help keep trails open and to see new trails built. Not just for ourselves but for all trail users, this generation and the next. We are strong supporters of the IMBA rules of the trail and encourage every trail user to know and follow these rules which are available on this website and at www.imba.com.

Be a responsible rider, respect the trail and fellow trail users and support organizations that work to preserve access and development of trails everywhere

Program Leader: Cullen McMorrow

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