Lake Georgetown Loop/Goodwater Trail

  • Status
  • Difficulty
    Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Land Owner/Manager
    US Army Corp of Engineers
  • Trail Steward
    Lee Compton

ontact Person:  Trail Steward Lee Compton   EMAIL:  Phone:512-635-1641

Thanks to the hard work of the Austin Ridge Riders, the Lake Georgetown trail is now available for riding. After a run down the trail, it’s clear that this trail has something for everyone – unless you like road riding.

The trail is rocky and changes up quite often, from dirt and rock to rock and rock. There is not a lot of climbing, most of the climbs are short, but there were a few that really made me wheeze. The technical level varies from medium to mildly difficult, but there is no reason that a beginner couldn’t take on the trails, and an expert will never be bored.


For Overlook Park:    information coming soon

For the Jim Hogg entrance, look for the brown sign that says “Jim Hogg park” and follow it to the end.
For the Russell park entrance, go left on CR 3405 then go about a mile and turn left on CR 262. Follow this straight to the park. Park on the right after you enter the first gate BEFORE the attendant’s gate.


For Cedar Breaks:     information coming soon


For Cedar Hollows:     information coming soon


Trail Description: The Goodwater Trail at Lake Georgetown consists of 25+ miles of trail. The trail runs around the shoreline of the lake and has trailheads at all five parks. The trail consists of easy doubletrack with little elevation change to rocky, technical and sometimes tight singletrack with lake views, cacti, and even a switchback. Parking at Tejas and Russell Parks is free as long as you don’t ride past the gatehouse.

If you are interested in helping to maintain this new trail, contact the Austin Ridge Rider Mountain Bike Club trail steward Lee Compton (512-930-3424).